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full name:

 gregory macoy

nick name(s):

smeg, grog

date of birth: 

16th march 1979

greg at the lomax

nick d & greg at the lomax

place of birth: 

withington hospital, stockport, manchester, UK

role in band:



favourite bands:

 in no particular order... longpigs, danzig, gomez, misfits, crowded house, rancid, pantera, metallica, pearl jam, world of my oyster & divide.


life & any band that makes me want to play, like...soundgarden, longpigs, pearl jam, reef, rancid, danzig/misfits, billy joel, the verve, crowded house...

greg summer '98
nick d & greg at the cavern




other stuff

e-mail me: 

greg macoy



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