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news updated 20/11/99

Another month, another news page! We finally located the AWOL Mr. Duckett,

The new batch of artwork is done, and the CD's should be arriving in shops ready for Christmas.

There was practically a Holy Family High School reunion at the Corbett household, 4 people from the same school, all 21 in one weekend! anyway Nick H and I got a little tipsy and played a few songs (badly!!!) on a keyboard & an old guitar, but hey it was a laugh!

We also had a little practice the next day and had a go at 2 new songs.

Still no definite news on our gigs over Christmas, but the dates will get posted ASAP.


So much has happened where do I begin!

The first batch of CD's has sold really well, I haven't even got a copy for myself! 

We are getting a new batch of artwork done in the next 2 weeks, and hopefully another batch of CD's to go with them.

We hope to be playing quite a bit over the Christmas period, and recording some more songs if we get the chance

The gigs we did over the summer went quite well, considering how little time we had to practice together. 

We headlined The Cavern Saturday thing, we played with Classic Beat (again) and The Steve Siren Street Band which was nice as met them the week before at The Lomax event.

sam's eye view, milk - the cavern sat 4th sept 1999


We played at The Lomax during the Beatles festival, which was really good because of all the great bands that have played there, it seemed really weird being back stage at The Lomax waiting to go on stage where people like The Longpigs have played.

milk - the lomax mon 30th aug 1999


Later that day we played at Stamps in Crosby. It was really good, we were a lot more relaxed, and we played a mellower set. 

milk - stamps mon 30th aug 1999


Sam has just gone off on a (star) trek around Australia, so if you see him say "Hi, are you Sam from Milk?".

The CD (& maybe T-Shirts!) should be available late June from:

Here!!!, HMV (Manchester & Liverpool), Probe (Liverpool), Quirks (Crosby & Formby), and Piccadilly Records (Manchester). 

We were in Elevator Studios, Liverpool on Friday April 30th 1999, and we recorded 7 songs: 

my baby tuesday, mullet, rachel, the getaway, might be living, brook and it's about time.

At the moment we're sorting out getting CD's & artwork done, it should be available over the next couple of months on this site, HMV Liverpool, Quirk's & Probe for about 5/6 we're trying to keep costs down but still give you a high quality product so there's virtually no profit from it so that you will take a chance on us!!

We did a few gigs in March/April, pics will be up soon. We played a few new covers for the acoustic gig at the Hub on the 30th March. We also did 3 new original songs: Mullet, No Cops, and Colouring Roses. We have finally sorted out going into the studio (which were doing at the end of this week!) so we should have an EP available shortly so watch out for news soon. Guinans went quite well on 3/4/99 and so did the Cavern 10/4/99, they asked us to play again that day, and we're going back there September 4th. We might be doing an acoustic gig at Southport Arts Centre in September, and some of us went to see DIVIDE play in a battle of the bands with Talk, The Feds, Downer, and another band (I'm not sure if those names are correct I was a little tipsy!) and it was very good (amid cries of "SOCKO")

We've just finished our stint of Christmas touring! everything went really well which was surprising! We didn't get into the studio, but we'll hopefully sort something out over Easter. The only new original song we did was 'it's about time' but we did a few new covers to spice things up a bit. We also played at Den (-Sam's step dad)'s retirement do, which was nice. Unfortunately Hendy was back in Newcastle at the time, so we had to make do without him, but Ben the mysterious 'fifth' member joined in with his synthesizer to make strange noises! There were also a couple of guest appearances from that famous acappela group 'Den & the Daleks'. A good time was had by all and there'll be some new pictures up on the site soon.

During the shows over the summer we premiered a selection of new material. The new songs were:

endless useless   my baby tuesday

might be living   the clowns   legend

brook   j.m.

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