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nick h at the cavern

full name:

nicholas william henderson

nick name(s):

hendie, nick

date of birth:

19th january 1979

place of birth:

Christiana Hartley Maternity, Southport, UK

role in band:

bass/rhythm guitar/vocals/percussion


nick h on film at guinans
nick h at the cavern wiuth his mullet

favourite bands:

crowded house, the smoking popes, the pixies, the lemonheads, simon & garfunkal, sting, silversun, the corrs, blind melon, the wannadies, the giggernauts?(when I find my heaven band?) and the list goes on and on...


elkie brooks, carly simon, barbara dickson, sinead lohan, mary black, james taylor, tymon dogg(my uncle who now plays with the excellent spanish band, 'Lajartika Nick'), john shuttleworth, classical, gregorian chanting, music from 'Taize', the carpenters, neil finn as a soloist, climie fisher, 70s fonk,


us at the cavern
nick h at the lomax


silence, mango chutney, chilling with the band, drinking scotch bitter at stlg1.07 a pint at the world renowned birkey, crosby,, my family, irish dancing; yes, the participation of, as I have just joined the society regarding the aforementioned! architecture, la belle langue de francais, seabrook crisps (salt & vinegar,) driving, acting, poetry, salsa and latin american dancing, meeting people, honesty, sharing experiences, and the wonder of love...



impatience, fish, cheesy doritos, dirty student baths, mobile phones in lecture theatres, 3 hour long crits, the idea of losing friends, the idea of sleeping around (cheap love,) travelling on coaches, not being able to see the band for 3 months at a time, bad gigs, drunk people when they p**s you off when you're playing at the aforementioned, the fact that I am vain, pretentiousness

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nick henderson


us at the cavern (again!)

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