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Basically Milk are a 4-piece who started life playing in a scout hut in Formby. Nick D and Greg M would often sit in maths lessons talking about writing songs, and after a lot of messing around started a band called "Hitting Jeremy" with Neil Heuston doing Green Day covers. Nick D had also been friends with Nick H since primary school and they also started a band
called "Loose" with Peter King and Allan Jones.

Both bands split up after only one gig each, but the remnants of Hitting Jeremy and Loose formed a band to play at a charity gig with Navy Red. A friend called Stephen Masterson was learning to play drums so Nick D & Stephen split the drumming for their only gig. The band couldn't actually decide on a name before the gig so there were 2 sets of tickets with different names on: "Duckett's Not Here" (because whenever we tried to discuss the band name for the tickets Nick Duckett was never around) and "Astro Zombies" (because Nick Duckett didn`t like D. N. H. so Greg went through a list of Misfits songs until Nick D was happy!).

The charity gig was a success, but it was obvious that a permanent drummer would be needed if the boys were going to progress. Through a mutual friend, Sam Walkerdine was introduced to Nick D. Not wanting to scare Sam off, Nick D told Sam it would just be for one gig. From the moment the flame-haired cockney sat down at his kit something mysterious happened, Milk was born.

The creative meeting of minds was complete - the band would be about music and laughs. There would be no "lead" singer with the ego that goes along with it. Milk are interesting because of their different styles and backgrounds that provide an energetic and eclectic outlook on the world today. There is no boring "muso" twiddling, no drawn out guitar solos, just great songs with great melodies.

Milk have really solidified over the past 6 months and are now a truely great band.

The Roadhouse, Manchester Nov 2000

milk at the roadhouse

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