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Name: Greg Macoy
Date Of Birth: 16/03/79
Plays: Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Vox
Distinguishing Characteristics: Much more "rock" than Corf will ever be. The ever changing haristyles and beards. Also has a certain amount of grey to make him more "distinguished" as they say!
Influences: Danzig/Misfits, Longpigs, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, World Of My Oyster, Crowded House, Rancid, Pantera, Tokyo Adventures (a new one!), Jets To Brazil and everything of that compilation CD nick Jones gave me! Basically anything that makes you want to write songs and do gigs.
Likes: Ciabatta's, black midget gems, Donner Kebabs, Guinness, Bitter and Foster's.

Greg Macoy

greg m

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