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Name: Nick Henderson
Date Of Birth: 19/01/78
Plays: Guitar/Bass/Vox/Percussion(occasionally)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Famous for his "quirky" hair and off-beat dress sense. Can often be seen driving around Keithley in his Ford Capri with his mullet and his aviator glasses.
Influences: elkie brooks, carly simon, barbara dickson, sinead lohan, mary black, james taylor, tymon dogg(my uncle who now plays with the excellent 'Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros'), john shuttleworth, classical, gregorian chanting, music from 'Taize', the carpenters, neil finn as a soloist, climie fisher, 70s fonk, crowded house, the smoking popes, the pixies, the lemonheads, simon & garfunkal, sting, silversun, the corrs, blind melon, the wannadies, the giggernauts?(when I find my heaven band?) and the list goes on and on...
Likes: silence, mango chutney, chilling with the band, drinking scotch bitter at stlg1.07 a pint at the world renowned birkey, crosby, my family, irish dancing! architecture, la belle langue de francais, seabrook crisps (salt & vinegar,) driving, acting, poetry, salsa and latin american dancing, meeting people, honesty, sharing experiences, and the wonder of love...

Nick Henderson

nick h

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