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news updated 22/12/00 is up and running now, and keeps on getting better and better.

Milk have so far had a fantastic series of gigs in their 2nd home - Manchester. We've recorded 3 new songs which will be released in January, and we plan to do some more recordings in January as well.

Milk have appeared on the December show at so go there and check it out.

news 19/07/00

Hi everyone, so much to say so little time...

We are completely Nick-less at the moment: Nick H has just jetted off to Ghana 'til September, and Nick D is in France 'til then as well. Hopefully we will have a little page of 'Hendy's Travels' where he will let us know what is going on.

We will be re-locating to Manchester, of course we'll still be playing all of favourite haunts in Liverpool, but we'll be expanding our fan base, and will probably play in Manchester, Leeds, Wolverhampton & London.

We'll be doing more stuff and the site will get updated more often. We will also be selling a bit of merchandise - the feedback about the 'No Cops' T-Shirt has been good, so we'll be selling them for about 7/8 if we can get the print shop to do us a deal.

Thanks for sticking with us, through our dry period - we will be back. Make sure you watch out for the the mullet movie and more pics in the picture viewer

I've had a few problems with the old guestbook, so I've got a new one!!! It looks a bit better anyway.

We are starting 2 new sites, and
milkrecords will be geared towards our new recordings, and showcasing some of our friends, eventually it will be an online underground 'label' which we will release stuff on, and hopefully help other bands get noticed
milkweb will be all of the usual stuff that you find here, but I'm going to re-design it slightly

At the moment if you go to any of these sites you will be directed back to this site with a few nasty banners.
The Official launch will be in September, but the sites should be up and running before then


Sorry! - I've had a lot to do lately [uni work] plus my computer died :o(

It was my birthday last Thursday, yeah! 21 an' all that, anyway we got together. We went down to Shenanigan's in Moorfields for the St. Paddy's Day Celebrations. We met some bloke who was very grateful for me ringing up my mum to find out the words for U2's One [then performing it!] - anywoz he was photographer and he wants to do some promo shots for us!!! [I think he just wants to get me naked!] 

Saturday we had a big honkin' party at the other Shenanigan's [Bootle - thanks to Greg, Sharon & Conner!] We played and everything, except Nick Duckett (or Nuckett, if you will) didn't bother turning up 'til the last minute! A lot of my family & friends were there, which was nice - especially having everyone's parents there from the band. My cousin Neil added a whole new dimension with his fabulous harmonica talent [...if you're looking for love GO SHOPPING!]

On Wednesday I went to see 100 Reasons [v. good] and Monkey Steals The Drum who were good. 'Monkey...' have got a website too, check it out - go to the burbs site to find them - John Peel likes had them do a Peel Session [swines!]

Sam went to see the Wannadies the other week which he said was good, apart from Soulwax's cut-short set

We're doing a gig at our old school in Thornton to raise money for charity! on Thursday 13th April [the day after we all go and see Gomez]

The NEW Lomax is calling us! - Thursday 20th April supporting Angelica - entrance is 3 with a flyer

 If you don't know where the NEW Lomax is, it's now the first floor of the L2 on Hotham St, Liverpool (at the back of Lime St. Station - around the corner from the ODEON cinema)

sam's eye view, milk - the cavern sat 4th sept 1999

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