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full name:

nicholas james duckett

nick name(s):

nick, duckett, nick kool

date of birth:

21st july 1979

place of birth:

devil's kitchen, NYC 

role in band:

 singer / guitarist player


nick d & nick h at the lomax
don't 'stamps' on me!

favourite bands:

 lemonheads, smiths, ben folds five, smashing pumpkins, tom petty, smoking popes, pixies,  elton john & bernie, counting crows, third eye blind, air, hefner, neil young, depeche mode, violent femmes, jewel and the carpenters 


love, death, boredom


coming of age films, coco pops, adam sandler films and watching streetmate  on rob's bed


winter, jellyfish

e-mail me:

nick duckett


nick and greg explore the lighter side of music

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